John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff squared off again last night in their second televised primary debate and things could not have gone worse for Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper began the debate by referencing the “shooting of George Floyd,” even though the entire country has viewed the horrific video of a police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck that led to his death. The incident captured on video sparked nation wide protests and has led to a national conversation about the use of force, but apparently Hick does not know that.

As Natalie Andrews from the Wall Street Journal reported, “In the Colorado Senate primary debate tonight, Hickenlooper referenced George Floyd being shot. The killing has sparked a debate about chokeholds used by police forces, because Floyd died after the officer knelt on his neck.”

From there, the debate did not get any better for Hick who was grilled for his disregard for the rule of law by Colorado Sun reporter John Frank. Frank asked Hick if he would pay back the taxpayer money used for his legal fees now that he was found guilty, and Hick repeatedly refused to answer the question.

And the knockout blow for Hickenlooper, came when he was pressed on whether or not he believes Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault against Joe Biden. Hick responded, “to a large extent, yes,” but also made clear he still plans to vote for Biden.

Following the conclusion of the debate, Colorado GOP spokesman Joe Jackson summed up Hick’s night perfectly: “Tonight it was made clear that John Hickenlooper is the worst candidate for Senate in the United States of America.”