His Majesty King Polis, slayer of small businesses and maker of masks, will shine his favor upon the C&C Cafe of Castle Rock and allow the restaurant to reopen

That’s about 18 days later than Polis allowed every other restaurant in the state to reopen with dine-in service. All were shut down for an extremely long period of time due to a pandemic, and perhaps a little bit of politics.

The cafe was punished for disobeying the king’s order and opening early on Mother’s Day on May 10, so their license to operate was suspended for 30 days and reopened Sunday.

Restaurants that followed the king’s orders were allowed to reopen on May 27 under strict guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The following day, those strict guidelines were abandoned so that hundreds could flock to the streets and protest the tragic killing of a man by police in another state.