U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s campaign launched a new TV ad Tuesday using John Hickenlooper’s own words against him, and boy is it fun to watch.

Following clips of Hickenlooper saying just how bad of a senator he would be, Gardner explains, “to do this job your probably need to want this job.”

Cory Gardner for Senate spokesman, Jerrod Dobkin released the following statement with the launch of the ad: “John Hickenlooper has made it painstakingly obvious that he would be a terrible senator, and all the proof Coloradans need are his own words. Hickenlooper has said he isn’t ‘cut out’ to be a senator, that he would ‘hate’ it, and it ‘wouldn’t bring him any delight. On the other hand, Senator Gardner knows that being a senator is about working for Colorado and delivering results, and that’s exactly what Cory will continue to do.”

Hickenlooper’s bad month just keeps getting worse and we are excited to see Gardner take the gloves off and expose John Hickenlooper for who he really is: a lazy, entitled politician who would be a terrible senator.