We are not unsympathetic to everyone struggling to make ends meet because Gov. Polis literally shot our economy in the kneecaps then danced in the pooling blood for three months.

Everyone got to enjoy those hefty checks for thousands of dollars from the federal government.

Those without jobs are also getting unemployment, with an additional $600 cherry on top every week. Some are making more money with unemployed than their job ever paid.

And the rent strike, that’s an awesome windfall of money as well from Gov. Polis, who seems to think property, contract, or banking laws no longer exist in our state.

For those who haven’t used the first two windfalls of cash to pay their bills, Polis once again gave them a break with other people’s money.

Polis extended his order forbidding mortgage foreclosures, evictions or late fees for failing to pay those bills for another month.

For those keeping score at home, rent has not been due since Polis issued “guidance” blocking evictions in March.

We’re not unsympathetic to those who haven’t received windfalls of cash through unemployment or stimulus checks and are in dire need of some assistance to keep a roof over their heads.

But some assistance, where needed, is not what Polis did. 

Once again Polis acted like the king and broke legally binding contracts that could cripple the housing industry in much the same manner as he strangled the restaurant and multiple other small businesses across the state.

At this point, restaurants should be thankful Polis didn’t order them to give away all their food for free, as he’s done to property owners.