Democrat Party voters showed their teeth and disdain for their own candidates running in the U.S. Senate primary when allowed to ask questions during the final debate Tuesday.

John Hickenlooper had a lot of explaining to do, especially when it came to that stunt he pulled, skipping out on the subpoena to finally appear before the state Ethics Commission. 

Lee Ellison from Thornton compared Hickenlooper’s behavior to all of the investigations into the Trump administration and asked Hickenlooper if he thought he was above the law.

“Over the last three and a half years we have had a lot of issues with officials at the federal level, simply refusing to comply with requests or even subpoenas for information from Congress in order for them to manage accountability. That’s why I was really taken aback. When you refused to comply with a subpoena from the Ethics Commission. Why did you think it was okay to do that? And do you think that you are above the law?”

Hickenlooper tried to tap dance around the question, but stumbled and accidentally admitted he did not show up when subpoenaed, so yes, Ms. Elllison of Thornton, Hickenlooper thinks he is above the law.

Ryan Warner of Colorado Public Radio asked the same question of Hickenlooper that we’ve been demanding an answer to repeatedly over the past week:

“Mr. Hickenlooper, video of you surfaced Monday likening the life of a politician to the life of a slave with whips and ships. More recently, you were asked what Black Lives Matter means and you answered with, ‘all lives matter.’ And during the last debate you refer to George Floyd’s ‘shooting.’ Are you out of touch with this moment in America?”

The artful question answers itself, yet Hickenlooper confirmed for us once again he’s completely out of touch and a bleeping idiot, to boot.

“I want to go to Washington, and I want to be part of the group that changes Washington, I’ve actually, makes this country what its values say it should be, equal under the law.”

You read that correctly. Hick started another sentence while mid-sentence when he said, “I’ve actually.”

Actually what, Mr. Hickenlooper? Apologized repeatedly because you keep saying the same stupid things over and over?

Reformed law enforcement in the nearly two decades you served as Denver’s mayor then Colorado’s governor?

Hickenlooper admits he did not, he admits he failed when it came to police and race relations. Then he changed the subject.

Democrats who vote for Hickenlooper can be assured that’s exactly what his Democrat party will do yet again if reelected.

They will change the subject.