The NRSC launched a new ad Tuesday morning brutally highlighting Hick’s recent ethics abuses and the Independent Ethics Commission guilty verdict that he did indeed violate the Colorado Constitution.

The ad shows local news coverage of Hickenlooper’s ethics trial, highlighting how he was held in contempt,  ignored a lawfully issued subpoena, violated the State Constitution, and broke the law.

John Hickenlooper– “He lied. He broke the law. And it gets worse.”

Unfortunately for Hick, even the media, which he expects to protect him, isn’t stepping up to the plate to defend his law breaking. 

Hick’s media “should be protecting” him strategy hasn’t worked so far, but we are excited to see what nonsensical spin Hick tries next.

One thing is for certain, when it involves John Hickenlooper, it will always continue to get worse.