John Hickenlooper’s U.S. Senate campaign has been in serious trouble for weeks and the Democrat’s party bosses in Washington, D.C. are starting to worry he will lose.

The guilty verdict on ethics violations, Hickenlooper being held in contempt, all those insensitive racial comments, and just generally being an awful candidate has not helped Hickenlooper in the primary race against Andrew Romanoff.

With Democrat Party bosses in full panic mode, they’ve launched an eleventh-hour dark money TV ad blitz to save Hickenlooper.

As first reported in the Colorado Sun, Hickenlooper’s own campaign, along with two dark money Super PACs, are spending millions of dollars in the final days to boost Hick:

“Hickenlooper’s campaign is spending roughly $1.1 million on TV air time over the final two weeks of the contest, according to FCC records. From June 1 through Tuesday, he had spent only about $400,000 on television ads for the primary. The Senate Majority PAC, which works to elect Democrats to the Senate, is spending even more. The new spending — between Let’s Turn Colorado Blue, Senate Majority PAC and Hickenlooper’s campaign — is the equivalent of enough air time to saturate the market.”

This all comes at a time when Colorado Democrats are describing the Hickenlooper campaign as a “s—show” and a “hot mess

Even 9News’ Kyle Clark jumped into the fray and mocked Hickenlooper’s struggling campaign.

Now, the only question remains, will this barrage of spending save Hickenlooper from an embarrassing primary loss or will Romanoff eek out a victory?