There was a time when it was considered racist to counter accusations of being racist by replying: “But look at my black friends.”

We’re not saying John Hickenlooper’s a racist.

But we are saying Hickenlooper is overcompensating, because he’s pathetically out of touch with his voters, and his campaign team sucks.

Hickenlooper was expected to cruise through the homestretch and cinch the Democrat’s U.S. Senate primary election come Tuesday.

Instead, Hickenlooper is spending this last week introducing voters to his black friends and still struggling to overcome all the stupid comments he keeps making about race.

Hickenlooper was still making up on Wednesday for a statement he made last month when asked about the group Black Lives Matter. Hickenlooper’s response then, every life matters. 

Hickenlooper’s response now:

Then there’s Hick’s video featuring state Sen. Rhonda Fields.  

Field’s son was killed in 2005 before he could testify against a gang member, prompting her to become an advocate for gun control and run for public office.

As for Fields’ claim Hickenlooper himself gave her special police security, the lawmaker never mentioned Hickenlooper, nor thanked him at the time.

However, Fields did thank the police.

“I am grateful for the prompt work of the Colorado State Patrol in bringing this suspect to justice, and I also thank the Denver Police Department, which was instrumental in the investigation,” Fields wrote in a statement Monday.

Of course, Fields comments came at a time when Democrats were telling us to give up our guns and rely on the police for protection.

The same police that Democrats like Hickenlooper now want to defund.

*Update: Hickenlooper has tweeted a video of Terrance Carroll endorsing him.

** Updated update: Hickenlooper has also tweeted a video of Wellington Webb endorsing him.