The National Republican Senatorial Committee launched a new ad highlighting John Hickenlooper’s ethics problems.

As the ad makes clear, Hick’s ethics troubles are far worse than just being found guilty by the Independent Ethics Commission for taking free rides on corporate jets. As governor, Hickenlooper accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from anonymous donors to pay for policy positions in his office.

Hickenlooper even accepted a $25,000 donation from Anadarko Oil and Gas “just days after a deadly explosion in Firestone was tied to a leaking underground pipeline owned by the company. Over the course of four years, it gave the governor’s office more than $330,000, money for which there is little accounting.”

If Hickenlooper is able to survive the primary, we are eager to see what more we learn about Hick’s corruption. It seems like something new is uncovered every day, and much to Hick’s displeasure, the media doesn’t seem to be protecting him this time around.