John Hickenlooper emerged from the U.S. Senate primary election so insecure and bruised his campaign has since contrived a proclamation of propaganda disguised as an election strategy memo to rally their own troops.

Campaign Manager M.E. Smith’s internal missive ranks somewhere between sad and laughable. It’s really just a press statement the Democrats knew would get more media attention if it was “leaked.”

And so it did, in Colorado Politics, which “confirmed its authenticity” and that the missive contained no actual substance. 

Check out this blockbuster insight into the strategy of Hickenlooper’s forces — they will win because voters know nothing about the ethically challenged politician, or something.  

“Coloradans are ready to elect John because they know him and trust that he will be an independent voice for Colorado who can change Washington and bring people together to get things done,” she wrote. 

It’s not a campaign memo, it’s a temper tantrum, a rebuttal to a memo written by U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s campaign consultant released just prior to the election describing Hickenlooper as a “bruised and battered candidate.”

And so he is, with a laundry list of mishaps and misstatements on race, dodging subpoenas, and judged guilty on charges of violating state ethics. 

And this “memo” from Hickenlooper’s camp proves that not only is the Democrat’s glass jaw fully exposed for a knock-out punch come November, they’re feeling very sensitive and vulnerable at the moment.