U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s campaign is running with the winds of positive achievement in a new ad focusing on one of the Republican’s greatest accomplishments this session, his bill to fund the maintenance backlog on public lands.

The American Outdoors Act overwhelmingly passed the Senate weeks ago despite the partisan, political grandstanding that has kept Congress in gridlock for years.

It’s a smart move by the campaign to show Colorado’s younger senator can move beyond all the bickering and actually pass important pieces of legislation for our state.

Gardner is the opposite of the Democrat’s candidate John Hickenlooper, who would only serve as a partisan placeholder for six years pipping up for a vote whenever the Washington establishment wakes him from his nap. 

It’s a good ad and we expect it will be the first of many highlighting all of Gardner’s accomplishments for Colorado.

Coloradans will need a clear choice come November. Gardner has a solid record of positive achievement in Washington, D.C. 

Hickenlooper didn’t even have the stamina to make a decent showing in the Democrat’s presidential primary dropping out in early August of last year.