A non-profit group called One Nation released a new TV ad Wednesday highlighting U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s record of standing up to Communist China.

China is to blame for the global spread of Coronavirus and Republicans like Gardner are working to make sure something like that can never happen again.

Unlike Democrats like Joe Biden and John Hickenlooper, Gardner has a long record of being tough on China and has spearheaded legislation in the Senate to hold China accountable. Read the full transcript of the new ad below:

China lied about the Coronavirus, costing American lives and devastating our economy.

Senator Cory Gardner has a long track record of getting tough on China.

Gardner introduced bipartisan legislation to crack down on China’s intimidation of U.S. businesses. Now Gardener is fighting to end our reliance on China and bring medical manufacturing jobs and supply chains back home.

Tell Senator Gardner to hold China accountable and keep fighting for American jobs.