Our supreme commander and virus overlord Jared Polis acknowledged in a new executive order he overstepped his bounds and wrongfully tried to rewrite our Constitution to totally game the petition system by allowing signatures via email.

It wasn’t so much an apology Polis penned, as an impudent knee-jerk reaction to the state’s Supreme Court that soundly rebuked his actions.

And thank goodness the court did, because Democrats controlling the state legislature aren’t lifting a finger to rein in Polis’s dictatorship under our never ending emergency declaration. 

Polis has issued nearly 140 executive orders since his March 11 disaster emergency order.

Polis insisted he just trying to preserve our constitutional principles of ballot access when he abused his power to erase the part where the constitution requires a witness in order to sign petitions to support ballot measures.

In other words, Polis tried to sneak in a loophole to the constitution to “preserve” our constitution. 

The court wrote:

“The Colorado Constitution requires that ballot initiative petitions be signed in the presence of the petition circulator. That requirement cannot be suspended by executive order, even during a pandemic.”

Petitions must be submitted in three weeks. Sorry, Polis. Nice try.

To show there were no hurt feelings or something, Polis overstepped his bounds once again in another executive order to prohibit property owners from issuing an eviction notice until 30 days after the rent is past due.

From what we’ve heard, any property owner who tried to start eviction proceedings as early as January is still unable to evict a deadbeat renter eight months later. 

And what seems completely contrary to social distancing orders, Polis also issued this in an executive order:

Polis in his latest flurry of orders Sunday added that he strongly encourages local governments to suspend or eliminate restrictions on the number of unrelated persons who can live in a single household or prohibit group or boarding houses to suspend or eliminate those restrictions. The idea is “to enable homeowners to rent or give a room or rooms to those in need of housing.” 

We’re surprised Polis didn’t add a mandate on those living in boarding houses or over-crowded dwellings to also wear masks at home.