Kicking off his “Don’t Be a Selfish Bastard” 2020 tour, Gov. Polis on Tuesday signed a new law that says workers are entitled for six days of paid leave annually. 

Most full-time jobs already offer five sick days, but because of COVID-19, Democrat lawmakers say we need that extra day of sick leave and it needs to be made law how many hours we have to work to accrue before we get that one extra day.

Sure, it takes 14 days to a month to recover from the coronavirus, not six days, but anyone who would point out such a thing is a selfish bastard, right Polis?

Just to prove he himself is not a selfish bastard, the millionaire governor has pledged to personally cover the costs to employers already struggling to stay afloat in this Polis Pandemic Economy.

Just kidding!

Polis is a selfish bastard and couldn’t care less how this will affect small businesses.