Turns out the nefarious coronavirus spreaders aren’t all a bunch of middle-aged white men living off the grid, hoarding guns and ammo, refusing to wear masks and voting for Trump.

It’s the damn millennials getting drunk at the bar after 10 p.m. when caution and social distancing are tossed to the wind.

That’s the verdict of Gov. Polis who took time off from his “selfish bastard” mask-shaming tour to call out 20-29 year olds for driving the increase in new COVID-19 cases.

Polis stopped short of calling them all a bunch of drunken bastards — these are his voters, after all.

The 10 p.m. last call for alcohol will be in effect for 30 days. 

We don’t know if that’s regular 30 days, or Polis-drunk-with-emergency-powers 30 days, which never seems to end. 

Polis lectured the 20 somethings during a press conference, telling them, “This is not the summer to party. It’s the summer of no parties.”

And besides, if they’re all sitting in a bar drinking, who will be brawling in the streets or vandalizing the capitol?

It comes as no surprise that restaurant owners are frustrated with Polis’s latest order, which they say is another blow to an already crippled industry.

Sonia Riggs with the Colorado Restaurant Association told the Denver Post: 

“We’d like to see the data that backs up this decision, especially as it’s our understanding that restaurants account for just 4% of the outbreaks in this state.”