The U.S. Senate defeated a radical amendment introduced by socialist Bernie Sanders Wednesday to cut military funding by 10%.

This would have been disastrous for Colorado because of the military’s enormous impact on the Centennial Sate’s economy. According to a 2018 study, “The Department of Defense and related activities produce a $36.6 billion economic impact on Colorado’s economy.”

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner voted against the Vermont socialist’s amendment, but his opponent in the Senate race has failed to say where he stands on cutting military funding.

Shortly after the vote, the Colorado Republican Party blasted Hickenlooper’s silence:

“Bernie Sanders’ amendment would have cut funding for our military and hurt Colorado’s men and women in uniform. It is a fair question to ask how John Hickenlooper would have voted. Would he have sided with Senator Sanders or Colorado’s military families?” asked COGOP Spokesman Joe Jackson.

“Senator Gardner fully understands that Colorado’s military communities are critical to safeguarding our country, which is why he relocated Space Command to Colorado. His record of fighting to increase our readiness and defense capabilities is something that John Hickenlooper would never be able to replicate.

This post will be updated if Hickenlooper ever breaks his silence to disavow Sanders efforts to cripple Colorado’s military families.