Another day of events with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in Colorado means another day of the far left making complete fools out of themselves.

A user on Twitter posted this video of herself bravely giving the finger to Gardner’s passing vehicle as he entered the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Friday.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video comes from someone with the handle @DC_COtransplant. The self-described Washingtonian’s profile actually demands, without any sense of irony, to “be kind to one another.”

It is unclear whether @DC_COtransplant believes she lived up to her own standards of kindness today, but it does appear she was chastised by law enforcement for being a reckless psycho:

Giving someone the finger is certainly preferable to vandalism and destroying public property, so in that sense @DC_COTransplant’s juvenile display represents some progress for left-wing activism in Colorado.

However, she should also know normal, well-adjusted people don’t really get angry when deranged liberals flip us off. In fact, it’s kind of humorous.

Here’s hoping @DC_COtransplant and the rest of the Cardboard Cory fan club get the help they so desperately need.