It looks like Gov. Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock are just wasting $1 million of taxpayer money to repair all the damage inflicted on the state Capitol by protestors, because the Democrats have no intention of stopping vandals from doing it again.

They admitted as much in a CBS4 Denver report that featured former Gov. Bill Owens, who called on Polis to provide police protection at the Capitol during the cleanup to protect the historical building from future damage.

The Republican said the vandals should be arrested and prosecuted. It turns out the cleanup hasn’t stopped the vandals from inflicting even more damage.

“As workers clean by day, the vandals returned by night,” reported Shaun Boyd. 

Boyd says Polis is “outraged,” and yet in the next breath reveals the governor has done absolutely nothing to stop it.

Police aren’t even allowed to arrest anyone damaging the Capitol until they undergo “deescalation training,” that’s the agreement reached between Polis and Hancock Wednesday night, Boyd reported. 

“But there is no talk of stationing law enforcement around the Capitol. State Patrol is worried if they do, vandalism will turn to violence,” Boyd reported.

We’re willing to bet that if protestors showed up at the governor or mayor’s house and spray painted vulgarities across the front door, police would be there in a heartbeat making arrests.

Where will our Democrat leaders draw the line now on when criminals can be arrested? Not for destroying property, stealing cars, burning down buildings like they’re doing in Portland?

What if there’s a person inside the property being destroyed? Is it then okay to make the criminal angry by arresting them before they kill someone, or after?

The protestors have already won.

Democrats don’t have to defund police, they’re just going to declaw them and prohibit them from arresting criminals, even the white, privileged ones leading antifa.