Most parents are worried about how the pandemic will affect their children’s health and education.

But not U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. His main concern is that colleges help students vote Democrat in the upcoming presidential election.

Bennet has authored a bill requiring colleges to distribute so-called “nonpartisan voting information” to students, register them to vote and help them apply for absentee ballots to vote Democrat.

We’re hard pressed to recall a single bill Bennet has authored on his own this year. Still, this has got to be the worst of the lot.

“The National Emergency Student Vote Act calls on America’s colleges and universities to fulfill their civic responsibility in this difficult time to help students access the voter registration forms, absentee ballot applications and other resources to cast their ballot,” Bennet said.

Some would argue the problem with many of our recent college graduates stem from university professors already going above and beyond their civic responsibility to teach, and are instead indoctrinating students to become ultra liberal voters. 

Passing a law requiring colleges and universities to assist students in casting ballots is a terrible idea, one of many by Bennet that thankfully doesn’t stand a chance in Hell of becoming law.