The Democrat’s U.S. Senate challenger John Hickenlooper has timidly agreed to only one of Republican incumbent Cory Gardner’s debate challenges before the November election.

Living up to his nickname “Chickenlooper,” the only debate Hickenlooper accepted is in the Democrat Party’s stronghold of Pueblo.

Like Gov. Polis, Hickenlooper is also refusing to attend the Western Slope’s main event, the Club 20’s debate.

It took Hickenlooper’s campaign 60 days to respond to Gardner’s invitation to participate in five debates.

Hickenlooper is still refusing to debate Gardner at an Oct. 14 event hosted by The Colorado Sun, CBS4  Denver and PBS12,

Hickenlooper also won’t attend the Sept. 1 debate in Colorado Springs hosted by the Gazette and NBC, or the Sept. 29 Denver debate hosted by Fox affiliates. 

Instead, Hickenlooper’s campaign says he will attend a debate soon to be announced by Telemundo. The time and place have yet to be set, but Hickenlooper says his schedule will be open.

Hickenlooper also counter-challenged Gardner to appear at an Oct. 6 debate in Denver with the Denver Post, Colorado Public Radio and Denver7.

Additionally, Hickenlooper says he will go to the Oct. 13 event in Fort Collins hosted by more than a half-dozen media outlets including KRDO, which recently revealed their bias for the Democrat. 

Hickenlooper has barely left his house this entire campaign so it’s hard to imagine that aside from his afternoon nap time, he had a legitimate scheduling conflict with any of the events Gardner proposed. 

Hickenlooper’s maneuver is just a ridiculous attempt to get his critics (we’re looking in the mirror) to stop mocking him for ducking debates by pretending he wants to debate, just not those debates. 

Like when he skipped out on his subpoena, Hickenlooper is again trying to avoid having to explain to voters why he violated state ethics, and he knows Gardner won’t let him skate with half-baked answers.