Gov. Polis is lashing out at constituents and calling them names again, this time for attending a Mexican rodeo and concert Sunday on a private farm in Weld County where some people weren’t wearing masks or keeping their social distance.

“No government policy can force people not to be stupid,” he said.

Reports of the event ranged from hundreds to possibly thousands of attendees and exceeded Polis’s “Safer at Home” order that only permits up to 175 to gather at large events.

Event poster from the rodeo and concert held in Weld County. Gov. Polis said it was “stupid” to attend.

Not only was it stupid to attend, Polis called it a “shady” event then likened it to drunk driving.

“If you party, go to large events, you’re risking the lives of innocent people… . We will not stand for it and will put [to work] every available option to make people accountable.”

While Polis is cracking down on Latinos going to rodeos and dancing to live music, nearly a thousand Aurora protestors who blocked traffic on Interstate 225 got a free pass from the governor.

Apparently coronavirus can’t cross the road in Aurora to reach protestors.

And as long as participants are shouting profanities about police, shooting a fellow protestor, breaking the law and vandalizing property, COVID can’t touch them.

The same goes for the ongoing summer of love events surrounding the state Capitol and the hundreds of attendees who were at the “Fuck the Feds” festival last weekend. 

These political rallies that are disguised as protest events are apparently exempt from Polis’s order that keeps attendees to a minimum of 175 people.

It seems COVID-19 is only attracted to people having fun, and is totally turned off by angry mobs rallying their Democrat base.