U.S. Rep. Ken Buck has secured a commitment from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google CEOs not to use slave labor to manufacture or sell products made with slave labor.

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Buck vowed to hold “woke” executives accountable for outsourcing their supply chains to Chinese prison camps.

Buck has held Big Tech’s feet to the fire for months now. And following the hearing, Buck introduced the Slave-Free Business Certification Act, which would require CEOs to certify that their supply chains are free of slave labor or that they have reported all instances of forced labor in their companies.

Buck released a statement with the bill introduction, saying, “It’s time we expose these ‘woke’ executives of American companies who pride themselves on their so-called progressive policies while they outsource supply chains to Chinese concentration camps. I’m proud to join Senator Hawley in this effort to hold corporations accountable for having slave labor in their supply chains. If Corporate America truly wants to be socially responsible, they must certify that they are slave free.”