After all the drama, tears, and varying accounts of what happened when police cleared the homeless camp west of the Capitol, Denver Public School board member Tay Anderson says he just wants to focus on the important things in life.

Like being a media darling and the center of attention. Maybe file a lawsuit against the police department.

We don’t doubt Anderson was shaken up after the confrontation between police, the homeless and their advocates. 

Anderson cried as he held an ice pack to his baseball cap during a media moment before he checked himself into a hospital emergency room for a very expensive selfie.

The ice pack is gone and no wounds are visible, but Anderson claims in numerous accounts and tweets that his injury or injuries are serious.

“I want the City and County of Denver to understand, you gave me a traumatic head injury by shoving my head into the ground and then denying it and saying that I fell,” said Anderson.

Watch the video for yourself to determine what happened. Anderson is wearing the black Nike baseball cap and face mask with Colorado logos. 

Anderson claims he was trying to mediate between the protestors and police to keep them from closing the gate to the park.

It looks to us like he’s just video taping the police, and when police started pushing protestors back Anderson is getting jostled around like a bumper car, still taping.

Anderson later claimed in a tweet “When Police began to touch a 13 y/o girl I tried to step in and was shoved.”

It looks like Anderson is still taping, while those in the crowd around him are shouting at police not to touch the girl … wait, who in the Hell uses a teenager as a shield in a physical confrontation with police?

Judge for yourself what Anderson is doing and whether police pushed him, or shoved his head into the ground.

Clearly, police pushed Anderson away. A lot of people got pushed back from the fence.

Did police shove Anderson’s head into the ground as he claimed? It doesn’t look like it, and the cop remained standing while he and other officers pushed back the crowd to prevent them from trampling Anderson. 

Is Anderson milking his fall for attention? No doubt.

It will be interesting to see how Anderson reacts when the city gets around to clearing the Morey Middle School tent city.

Will he be the victimized homeless advocate, or the school board member acting in the best interests of the students?