Denver Mayor Hancock says he can’t reveal his plans, if any, to clean up the homeless camps by Morey Middle School because somebody can’t keep her big mouth shut and likes to stir up trouble on social media.

From Colorado Politics:

When asked why he could not speak to a timeline for the cleanup of Morey Middle School in central Denver, where people have settled along its perimeter, the mayor laid blame on protesters and their allies on City Council.

“We have people who want to put our public health workers … and our law enforcement officers in danger by tipping off folks who want to come in and escalate the situation,” Hancock said. “We know for a fact there is a city council member who is texting and sending out information, trying to get people to show up at protests. It’s putting everyone at risk.”

That would be socialist snitch Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, who in keeping with her political philosophy believes some people have more rights than others.

Of course CdeBaca would rat out any attempt to sweep tent city near the middle school, because she believes the homeless have more rights to squat or camp illegally than the children who will soon be returning to school there to learn. 

CdeBaca is still angry she wasn’t informed about the Lincoln Park tent city sweep earlier this week, site of the now infamous slip and fall of Denver Public Schools member Tay Anderson. 

But summer is almost over. It’s time for the campers to pack up and go back to where they came from, and for the homeless who are truly in need to find help at a shelter.