Teachers and their unions built up a significant investment of public support with all those protests and strikes in previous years to get paid more money.

But now teachers are blowing every last dime of good will by refusing to go back into the classrooms (while still getting paid) unless their demands are meet.

Of course schools are not going to be totally risk free. 

Going to the store isn’t risk free for us, or for the cashiers who come into contact with hundreds of customers a day, and yet they do so, thank God. 

And what about the Walmart workers who are exposed to thousands of people, you don’t see them on TV complaining for weeks on end. They are doing their jobs as best they can in this global pandemic.

And so are the restaurant workers, firefighters, and police officers who are coming into contact with hundreds of protestors. 

We didn’t see firefighters and EMTs threatening to go on strike unless they can work from home via computer. 

Not to mention the medical workers. Of course they screamed to the rafters when they didn’t have enough protective gear.

Yet they kept working, risking their own health to care for patients infected or dying with the virus.

The Pikes Peak Education Association is flushing all their public goodwill down the toilet today with a morbid stunt called “Back to School: Witness Our Wills.” 

Teachers are going to make a public spectacle of having their wills witnessed and notarized, presumably because their students will infect and kill them.

So many of our children are already traumatized by instructors who taught them climate change will destroy the planet before they see the age of 50.

Teachers and their unions should be ashamed of themselves for sending the message now that our children will be a bunch of COVID killers unless schools establish mandatory requirements rather than guidelines on how to reopen.