In a surprise to no one, John Hickenlooper is a total hypocrite when it comes to criticizing U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s positions, and this time it is on COVID-19 relief.

Hickenlooper and his liberal allies have been calling on Gardner to extend unemployment benefits, even holding multiple rallies outside his office, but the only problem with their protests is the fact that Gardner already supports that position.

As CBS4 reported, “A crowd of restaurant workers are calling on Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner to support the extension of a $600 a week boost in unemployment benefits. Gardner says he does support it.”

Gardner’s position on this has been clear from the beginning, and Gardner has said he would like to see a compromise emerge in the Senate.

Now that Hickenlooper has emerged from his basement, and finally faced reporters, it turns out that he holds the exact same position as Gardner.

Hickenlooper told a Denver Post reporter he wants to see the Senate “negotiate” and was noncommittal on an exact plan.

For Hickenlooper, being a hypocrite is nothing new, but it once again reveals just how far Hickenlooper will go to lie about Gardner’s record.