Denver Public School Board member Tey Anderson was at the Morey Middle School homeless camp cleanup Wednesday making sure teachers and students won’t have to trek through discarded needles and human feces when they eventually return.

Just kidding. Anderson was standing up for the homeless by sitting in protest. 

Anderson doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time these days on his school board job.

Last week he clashed with police at the Lincoln Park cleanup and accused them of slamming his head into the ground, although video indicates he fell as police pushed back homeless advocates/protestors.

There was no danger of Anderson falling at the sit-in. Twitter posts indicate he spent his time on the phone demanding to know the identity of every police officer who was there to protect city workers closing the camp.

Anderson didn’t indicate what he planned to do with all of the cards and the information of the police officers, other than for this Twitter moment.

Surely he wouldn’t use his authority to gain all of that information to DOX the police officers whose job it was to show up for work that day?