John Hickenlooper has made it clear that if Coloradans should elect him to the U.S. Senate, he is only interested in representing half of the state, the Front Range. 

The Western Slope is not worthy of his time now, so it surely won’t be of any consequence if he moves to Washington, D.C. and is tasked with writing laws affecting federal lands.

That’s the message the Democrat candidate keeps sending by refusing to participate in the traditional Western Slope debate hosted by Club 20.

Club 20 plans to hold a media event Monday to discuss Hickenlooper’s decision to duck the debate with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Hickenlooper isn’t blowing off the Western Slope with some lame excuse about a prior commitment like Gov. Polis did when he chickened out of the event during his campaign.

Because of the never-ending coronavirus scare, Club 20 isn’t even holding their event in person. It’s an online live stream set for Sept. 19-19.

All Hickenlooper needs is a computer or even a cell phone to participate from his basement, or wherever it is he’s pretending to campaign these days.

Club 20 confirmed in a statement Hickenlooper “will only be participating in debates along the I-25 corridor.”

Although he’s not available for Club 20, Hickenlooper’s teams says his calendar is wide open for whatever date Telemundo eventually decides upon for their campaign forum.