Is John Hickenlooper wearing lipstick in his new ad? That’s the number one question on the minds of politicos on Twitter and Colorado voters alike.

According to Google Trends, “hickenlooper lipstick” is the number one rising query associated with “hickenlooper” over the past week.

Other breakout topics associated with Hick on Google include “back taxes” and “tax evasion,” a direct result of the NRSC’s latest ad highlighting the $52,000 settlement Hickenlooper paid the IRS on charges he improperly inflated property values to secure a conservation tax credit.

Hickenlooper has never been especially telegenic, still it’s unclear why his consultants thought making him look like the animated Joker would be an improvement.

Peak Politics reached out to his campaign on Twitter to ask if Hickenlooper is in fact wearing lipstick in his ad. We will update this story should we receive a response.

UPDATE 8/11/20: John Hickenlooper’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment. However, the query “John Hickenlooper teeth” has now overtaken “Hickenlooper lipstick” as Hick’s top related search: