U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper is overjoyed that Kamala Harris is the Democrat Party’s pick to run as vice president.

Hickenlooper described Harris as kind, fearless, and fantastic in a tweet Tuesday after Joe Biden announced his running mate.

And bonus for Colorado leftist Democrats like Hickenlooper, Harris has pledged to decimate Colorado’s economy through a nationwide ban on fracking. 

Colorado Democrats might want to take a closer look at Harris’s record as San Francisco’s prosecuting attorney and as California’s attorney general before they rush to fill out their ballots.

Like that time she fought to keep inmates locked up in overcrowded prisons and denied parole so they could be used for cheap labor.

She doesn’t seem to be very progressive.

During her presidential campaign, she giggled when asked about her stance on legalized marijuana (she was against it before she might be for it) and confessed to having inhaled.

She’s jailed more than 1,500 people for using marijuana.

She’s a defender of the death penalty, which should also put Colorado Democrats’ teeth on edge.

She also supported putting parents in jail for truant kids. 

There’s also this:

You go right ahead Hickenlooper and cozy up to Harris and her record.

But be forewarned — Democrats are big believers in holding politicians accountable for the actions of their party colleagues at the top of the ticket.

Just ask U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and President Trump.