Executive Director of Emerge Colorado and Edgewater City Councilor Michal Rose attempted to attack Cory Gardner Friday claiming no Republicans have won a statewide election in Colorado since 2014.

Multiple Twitter users pointed out Republican at-large CU Regent Heidi Ganahl defeated Alice Madden in 2016.

Rose quickly deleted her tweets, but not before Ganahl herself caught Rose embarrassingly admitting she didn’t even know who Ganahl was.

Rose’s petulant defense of Emerge was somewhat amusing considering the sentiments she expressed a few days ago about Trump Campaign Senior Advisor Jenna Ellis.

Emerge Colorado’s partisan mission and contempt for conservative women is hardly a secret.

However, Rose isn’t doing her organization’s reputation any favors by casually dismissing Ganahl, one of Colorado’s best known entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Walking back embarrassing statements has become something of a trend for Emerge Colorado, especially after they publicly defended disgraced former State Rep. Rochelle Galindo last year.

Following Galindo’s resignation amid allegations of sexual assault, Emerge put out a statement blaming Republicans.

The group only rescinded their support for Galindo after it was revealed her accuser was a young female Democrat staffer on her campaign.

Galindo is facing charges in Weld County for unlawfully providing alcohol to the underage individual she sexually assaulted.

It is unclear if Rose or anyone from Emerge Colorado will appear as a character witness for Galindo at trial.