Someone should put John Hickenlooper’s face on a milk carton.

It seems the U.S. Senate candidate is nowhere to be found since he won the Democrat primary in June.

Bigfoot has been sighted more times than Hickenlooper this summer. 

Colorado Politics reports:

Gardner has been campaigning relentlessly, as he faces former Gov. John Hickenlooper in November, who has been out of the spotlight since winning the Democratic primary. Colorado Politics has made repeated requests to interview Hickenlooper since.

It’s not just debates Hickenlooper is ducking, but constituents and reporters who probably want to ask pesky questions about the multitude of scandals following in the Democrat’s wake and ethical issues.

Gardner has certainly been busy campaigning with constituents on the Western Slope and Eastern Plains, rural areas Hickenlooper would ignore anyway, if he were to be found.

Just like the actual job Hickenlooper would ignore, if he were elected.