The Denver Police Department shall be abolished and crime prevention handed over to a new anti-racist “peace force” to use a holistic and health-centered approach to crime fighting.

That’s how Socialist Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca wants the city to defund police.

She will present her proposal to the council Monday that gives voters the final say on a Nov. 3 ballot measure.

Thankfully, her proposal appears to be dead on arrival, but not for the obvious reason that eliminating a city’s police force is whack. 

Council members, even the ones who side with the socialist on occasion, are frantically scrambling to think of excuses to reject her police defunding measure without having to call it out for being absurd.

Council complained to Colorado Politics they can’t see supporting it because there’s been no public input, no debate or transparency in her process or something.

How on Earth has council missed the massive public input and debate that’s raging through their far-left Democrat base and erupted in protests and riots in the Denver area?

Dr. Apryl Alexander, a forensic psychologist and Black Lives Matter activist who was recently appointed to the Citizens Oversight Board — which acts as a watchdog over the police — said CdeBaca’s initiative falls in line with what the community is requesting, and that it’s not revolutionary either.

“Proposals like this have been around for decades,” she said.

See? Democrat voters are demanding police be defunded and CdeBaca has answered their calling with the “peace force.”

Kudos to CdeBaca for putting council’s backs against the wall and showing them to be a bunch of hypocrites.

Or maybe council will give her the green light to abolish law and order, starting with her own district?