Violence and destruction have overwhelmed Denver, that’s the theme of “Denver in Decay,” a new documentary by Steffan Tubbs of KNUS radio.

In the trailer released this week, we see the homeless camps, the destruction left behind by protestors.

A construction worker outside the state Capitol says he wouldn’t bring anyone into the city.

“I always felt safe here from the very beginning, since ’98. I don’t feel safe anymore and that’s sad.”

And that is the underlying problem the documentary exposes. Denver no longer feels safe and Democrat leaders don’t seem to care.

Denver’s crime is on the rise with shootings and killings up 50% this year. Most Coloradans no longer feel safe walking the streets of Denver, and the Democrat elected officials in charge are doing absolutely nothing about it.

The trailer features footage of a tent city outside the governor’s mansion, but our governor doesn’t even live there.

Gov. Polis embodies the definition of “white flight” and commutes from his private home in Boulder, far away from the crime-ridden capital city.

Not everyone who commutes to work in Denver is so lucky.

The strategy by Democrats to deal with the decay is to hope no one notices. Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock would rather Coloradans not see images of the current state of Denver, which this trailer and the new documentary premiering Sept. 17 will expose.

Every Coloradan should watch this to see what Denver has become and to hold Democrats responsible for the destruction of this once great city.