U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is leading the fight in Congress to protect people with preexisting conditions with legislation he authored titled the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act.

Democrats think they own the pre-existing conditions issue and have convinced the left-wing media the only way to protect preexisting conditions is through Obamacare.

For example, the Washington Post re-printed the Democrats’ talking points when they asserted Republican senators are against pre-existing conditions protections because they are against Obamacare:

Daines, Gardner and McSally have voted to end the Affordable Care Act. People with preexisting conditions would have been left exposed because of those votes; insurers could have denied coverage or jacked up prices for sick patients.

But Gardner’s new legislation debunks that theory. Gardner’s simple, 117 word bill guarantees coverage for people with a preexisting medical condition and goes one step further by not allowing insurance companies to charge people more because of a pre-existing condition.

Gardner’s bill is proof preexisting conditions can be covered without Obamacare.

The Colorado media hasn’t covered Gardner’s leadership on this issue. Democrats have convinced them Republicans don’t care about sick people and want to rip away their health care.

Democrats will lie about Gardner’s position in an effort to win an election (like that time they ran an ad saying he wanted to ban condoms), but the facts are simple: Gardner does not want to take away anyone’s health insurance and is actually leading the charge to guarantee coverage for Coloradans with preexisting conditions.