John Hickenlooper is in hiding. 

Not from a lawfully issued subpoena or the press. This time his game of hide and seek is with rural Coloradans.

Hickenlooper and U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner have been invited to participate in the Rural Issues Debate hosted by Action 22, Club 20, and Pro 15. Colorado Politics reports Gardner has already accepted the invitation, but Hickenlooper and his team are MIA.

The groups noted they are still waiting on a response for Democratic former Gov. John Hickenlooper, who also did not immediately respond to Colorado Politics on Thursday afternoon. Incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Yuma issued a statement saying he was glad to accommodate the area where he’s from.

First, Hickenlooper decided he didn’t want to participate in the Club 20 debate in Grand Junction, which is a huge slight to those living on the Western Slope who deserve a voice in this election.

Now Hickenlooper’s decided he doesn’t want to listen to ANY rural counties.

Hickenlooper is obviously too afraid to defend his far-left positions. He claims to be just is just as progressive as Bernie Sanders.

Hickenlooper swings hard to the left and will surely be another vote for Chuck Schumer to pack the courts, eliminate the filibuster, raise taxes, and destroy more oil and gas jobs.

None of Those positions are popular with Colorado’s hardworking rural voters.

Meanwhile, Gardner consisently delivers for Colorado and the rural communities.

He brought the Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters to Grand Junction, passed the Great American Outdoors Act, and fought to repeal burdensome Obama-era regulations that negatively impact Colorado’s ranching and farming communities. 

Just because Hickenlooper has admitted he is not cut out to be a senator, doesn’t mean he can just disregard a huge portion of Colorado, but that is exactly what he is doing with this latest slight.

The U.S. senator’s job is to represent all 64 Colorado counties in Washington, D.C., and it’s clear Hickenlooper will never be up to the task.