Joe Biden is not campaigning from his basement, he’s at his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, because that’s what science dictates, the Democratic presidential nominee revealed to ABC News.

We are not aware of any scientific studies on the effects of voters who witness first-hand how mentally incapable some candidates are to handle the job for which they’re campaigning.

But we’ve no doubt Biden’s campaign staff is making up “scientific” excuses why Joe can make only rare appearances, while also preparing him to become completely invisible and virtually disappear if actually elected to office.

It’s not COVID-19 that’s preventing Biden from campaigning, it’s Biden’s inability to effectively campaign or eventually govern that’s the culprit.

The same phenomenon haunts John Hickenlooper’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. 

Hickenlooper isn’t making public appearances, granting media interviews or participating in online events.

We are not aware of any studies suggesting the coronavirus is spread through Microsoft, but COVID-19 is less than a year old so scientists haven’t had much time to get up to speed.

Biden says he’s concerned campaign appearances might draw a crowd, further spreading COVID-19.

We think it unlikely neither Democrat would attract much of a crowd at all.

And while Biden criticized President Trump for continuing to do his job in the public eye and hold campaign rallies, Biden has had nothing to say about the 85 continual nights of rallies and violent protests by his far-left supporters in Portland.

The pious hypocrisy of Biden and Hickenlooper to cite science and COVID-19 as an excuse for not doing their jobs while remaining silent on the mobs wreaking havoc on major American cities including the Denver area is downright diabolical.