Rioters descended on Denver over the weekend wreaking havoc and destruction against the police department and local businesses.

The unrest included multiple instances of arson and vandalism, and ultimately resulted in the arrest of 12 individuals that some reports linked to ANTIFA and black bloc radicals.

The rioters also pledged to “burn Denver to the ground,” and threatened a local KMGH reporter forcing her to retreat.

Gov. Polis set off a firestorm on the left when he declared the violence to be “acts of criminal terrorism.”

Polis received backup from Ted Trimpa, a local Democrat strategist who recently made waves for describing Joe Biden as the weakest candidate Democrats have nominated in recent history.

Local activists with ProgressNow Colorado called on Trimpa, who serves on ProgressNow’s national board, to disavow his support for Polis’ statement. Most Democrats, including John Hickenlooper, have refused to weigh in on the violence in Denver.

Law enforcement officials and Mayor Hancock on Sunday refused to address the rioters as “protestors,” yet cited the clear intention to destroy private property and attack the Denver Police Department.

As usual, multiple news outlets on Saturday evening, including 9 News, continued to falsely describe the rioters as “protestors” in their coverage.

Despite the resulting arrests, Saturday’s violence is just another in a series of violent riots that have plunged Denver into chaos this summer.

More violence from left-wing anarchists is anticipated this week. We will be watching closely to see whether Hancock and Polis will back up their tough talk against these left-wing terrorists and allow our law enforcement officers to do their jobs.