Colorado Republicans cast all of the state’s 37 votes to nominate Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee to continue leading our country and putting America first for another four years.

The show of unity was in stark contrast to that Other Convention last week when Colorado’s Democrat delegation split their support between Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.


Even though Sanders won the presidential primary in Colorado, Democrats ended up casting 42 votes for Biden and 36 votes for Sanders, which must have been like pouring salt in the wound for the Bernie Bros who are still hung up on the rigged primary process from the 2016 election.

In his speech, Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ken Buck noted how our “friends respect us and our enemies fear us,” in sharp contrast to the eight years of Vice President Biden when the rest of the world thought they could walk all over us.

Republican speakers did a great job during the first night reminding voters how Trump reinvigorated our economy after the failed Obama/Biden years.

Whereas Democrats main message during their convention: Joe Biden isn’t great, but he’s the best we’ve got!

Trump clearly has the skills to lead America back to an economic resurgence as we emerge from the pandemic.

Trump has delivered the Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters to Colorado, established Space Command in Colorado Springs, and so much more because he cuts through the red tape and gets things done.

After the Democrats’ lackluster and despair-filled event last week, we look forward to the Republican speeches this week showcasing everything that is great about our country and how we can recover from the pandemic shutdowns.