Those law and order experts at the Denver Post who think violent riots are peaceful protests now preach that political candidates who let their dog run loose or were arrested years ago on petty offenses are hypocrites if they support police now.

Here’s the Post’s opening salvo:

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert — who often espouses a pro-police, law-and-order message on the campaign trail — has been arrested and summonsed at least four times over the past decade, records show.

We’re betting those records were provided by Diane Mitsch Bush, the Democrat opponent in the 3rd Congressional District race.

Bush’s spokesperson called Boebert a hypocrite for claiming to support law enforcement while allowing her dog to get loose and run around the neighborhood, plus other odd and petty infractions.

Boebert didn’t assault anyone, use drugs or drive drunk. 

Her crime was being a smart ass at a Grand Junction country music festival.

Boebert, then 28 years old, allegedly shouted at people detained on suspicion of underage drinking, urging them to flee from police, which caused the young drinkers to become unruly.

While she was being handcuffed for disorderly conduct, Boebert tried to twist away from police, according to deputies’ reports.

She also missed her court date. Irresponsible, yes, but none of these offenses hardly disqualifies her from holding office.

It’s not like she was a governor who violated a bunch of ethics rules and then had to be subpoenaed for refusing to attend the ethics hearing like John Hickenlooper did.

Or assaulted a female employee like Gov. Polis did.

Boebert is standing up for law enforcement now when it matters most, while most Democrat politicians and elected officials want to see police defunded and are demanding cops stand down and let looters and rioting thugs run amok.