Democrat activists think John Hickenlooper’s campaign is falling apart and blowing the slim lead over incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

They won’t get an argument from us. We’ve been saying the same thing for months.

Hickenlooper’s key campaign staffers fled the sinking ship right before the 4th of July campaign swing basement brooding.

His campaign strategy seems straight from the handbook, “How to lose with great fanfare.”

Hickenlooper keeps adding to his laundry list of critical mistakes that include racial insensitivity, subpoena dodging, and fines for violating rules of ethics as governor.

No wonder Democrats are panicking.

According to political consultant Floyd Ciruli, Democrats say they are concerned Hickenlooper’s campaign is weak, disorganized and losing ground.

Much like Hick’s failed presidential campaign, we would add.

It’s becoming obvious Hickenlooper is avoiding any engagement on the issues with Gardner, Ciruli reveals.

Hickenlooper won’t even return media phone calls, which for a Democrat candidate is an indisputable sign the campaign is on the rocks.

According to numerous activists, the campaign is depending purely on online and media advertising, but many are criticizing the ads as poorly produced and boring, which reflects the opposite of many of his previous campaigns. Hickenlooper appears remote and still without a short, clear message as to why he is running. 


Hickenlooper’s probably running because he’s getting old and needs the superior health care insurance now only available to elected federal officials. 

God knows Hickenlooper made a mess of Colorado’s insurance when he was governor.

Our advice to Hickenlooper, don’t change a thing. Keep hiding, keep dodging, keep showing voters you’re not up for the job.