John Hickenlooper is flip-flopping on his core campaign belief and launched a negative and false ad against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

The old Hickenlooper used to tell anyone who would listen that negative ads are part of the problem we have in this country and that it poisons the environment.

There was even a Washington Post article that called Hickenlooper “the man who hates negative ads.”

But since Hickenlooper has been found guilty of violating state ethics laws, held in contempt, and his poll numbers are dipping, he is flip-flopping and running a nasty attack ad.

Hickenlooper’s ad claims Gardner spent the August recess on a fishing vacation — an odd attack since Hickenlooper has been running a “bunker-styled” campaign according to the Colorado Sun:

Hickenlooper’s team says it is not advertising most events and limiting the size because of the coronavirus. But the decision also allows Hickenlooper to avoid questions from reporters and voters, and it limits his propensity to make comments that hurt his campaign, as he did in the primary.

Hick went on the defense late last week, spent a few days in Aspen and Vail and declared it a Western Slope campaign swing.

It’s laughable considering Gardner’s twitter feed is filled with photos from his statewide tour.

Gardner was in Grand Junction to announce a $12.9 million grant for the airport, he toured Genesis Plastics in Greeley, which has been focused on making plastic shields during COVID.

He visited the Peterson Air Force Base, attended the dedication of the new Poplar Hall in Fort Morgan, spoke at the ground-breaking of the new Roaring Fork Transportation Authority in Glenwood Springs, visited CSU’s COVID lab, conducted a small business roundtable in Colorado Springs to discuss the impact of COVID-19, and visited Montrose Forest Products to discuss sustainable business and job creation opportunities.

And as we reported last week, Gardner is making sure firefighters battling major forest wildfires have the resources they need.

If this is what Hickenlooper considers vacationing, it explains why he thought a cruise through Aspen and Vail is considered a Western Slope campaign swing.