Protestors with the increasingly radical Black Lives Matter movement harassed and screamed at people eating dinner Sunday in Larimer Square emulating the thugs who are bullying diners in Rochester, New York.

It’s not enough that restaurant workers are struggling to make a living because of COVID, now they have to contend with rioters scaring away customers.

CNN would probably call this a peaceful protest, but there is nothing peaceful about an unruly mob screaming at you and trying to pick a fight while you’re eating dinner.

Angry mobs marching through Denver are unfortunately becoming the new normal.

We’ve covered the violence and destruction for months, but many media outlets have not.

Left-wing talking heads like 9News’ Kyle Clark seek to downplay the violence and cast BLM radicals in a sympathetic light.

Ironically, right before 9News’ Marc Sallinger reported on the Larimer Square protest, Clark tweeted the Antifa violence in Denver was just a talk radio conspiracy theory.

While Clark would rather take the CNN route and deem everything a peaceful protest, his own colleague’s reporting shows otherwise.