Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold predetermined Monday that voting irregularities she discovers during the election are President Trump’s fault so she will start prosecuting him now.

Trump is presumed guilty by Democrats before any crime is committed because of the admittedly inartful way the president urged voters to make sure their mail-in ballots are received and counted.

Trump urged voters go to the polls, clerk offices, wherever ballots are being collected on Election Day to make sure their ballots were received in the mail.

If their ballot was not received or counted, Trump urged voters to cast what would inevitably be a sort of provisional ballot — one determined later whether it counts if the mail-in ballot was never received.

In other words, a stopgap measure to make sure your vote counts if your mail-in ballot is not received. In basic mathematics, it equals one vote, not two. 

But Democrats like Griswold and Gov. Polis jumped on Trump anyway and accused the president of telling Americans to break the law and vote twice.

Now Griswold is just showboating to strengthen her own Democrat base by threatening to prosecute the president of the United States if she discovers voters tried twice to vote.

For those of you keeping score at home, Trump did start the mail-in pissing match when he cast doubt on whether fraud could be prevented. 

Griswold, Polis and Democrats nationwide who depend on mail-in voting to motivate their presumably lazy-ass base insisted elections by mail are foolproof and impossible to cheat.

Now Griswold is accusing Trump, the man Democrats insist is a bumbling imbecile, of masterminding a diabolical scheme to cheat her foolproof system and possibly himself out of key votes in the election.

Is Griswold saying any voter who shows up like the president suggested to make sure their ballot was counted will be prosecuted for voter fraud if their ballot was not counted and they ask for another?

Griswold’s statement reeks of voter intimidation. 

Maybe Trump should report her for prosecution?