As we reported last week, John Hickenlooper’s Senate campaign is a complete disaster and widely mocked in Colorado political circles.

And it just keeps getting worse.

Hickenlooper sent an email to his supporters Monday broadcasting the fact his own support is plummeting.

According to Hickenlooper, his support has decreased by 59% in the last month, and his campaign is coming up short on their fundraising goals.

This desperate plea for help comes days after a new poll was released proving what we’ve been seeing for months, Hickenlooper is losing favor with voters and slipping in the polls.

This comes as no surprise since Hickenlooper is described by veteran political analysts as “over-scripted and over-managed” with a campaign that is “disorganized and losing ground.”

Hickenlooper continues to run a bunker-style campaign because he is so gaffe prone, but now with the race tightening and Hickenlooper admitting he is losing support, it will be interesting to see if he changes anything up or just continues to prove to Colorado voters that he isn’t cut out to be a Senator after all.