Buried in the coverage of the dismissed ethics complaint against Socialist Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, it appears she tampered with evidence and nothing will be done about it.

Stealing and tampering with evidence is a crime, but not for lawless city council members who rile up protestors then tell them to sue the city.

CdeBaca was one of the protesters at a homeless camp sweep last month where two policemen were assaulted and an officer’s body camera mysteriously disappeared.

Turns out CdeBaca had it for days and was trying to obtain the video footage from the camera in which she harassed police and called them “animals” and “dogs.”

The councilwoman also told a Black officer he “should be ashamed” for doing his job.

Denver7 has the scoop on CdeBaca:

The councilwoman claimed that she returned the camera to Chief Paul Pazen the next day, but the complaint disputed that, saying it wasn’t returned for 51 hours.

The body camera was still recording and, in footage obtained by Denver7, CdeBaca can be heard saying that there could be footage on the camera that she needed, but didn’t know how to access it.

Why did she need it? To destroy evidence of the assaults? Give portions of it to protestors so they could take it out of context and sue the city? Edit out her own egregious actions that day?

Officer Mallory Lutkin filed the complaint Sept. 4 against CdeBaca with the Denver Board of Ethics.

The board set aside the complaint Wednesday claiming they lacked jurisdiction over the matter, but added they were troubled by the allegations and confirmed the officer’s charges were not frivolous.

Now we know it’s not unethical for elected officials to urge protestors to sue police, aka the city and taxpayers, harass city employees and call them names, confiscate vital evidence and apparently tamper with it.

The useless ethics board ruled it’s a matter for the city council to do nothing about it and her constituents.

So much for law and order. There is none in Denver.