The polls in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District show a deadlocked race between Republican rising star Lauren Boebert and radical has-been Diane Mitsch Bush, but the polls are all paid for by Democrats trying to win the race.

The Denver Post wrote about a poll in August showing the race tied, but failed to initially disclose the poll was actually paid for by the Bush campaign.

And Denver Post reporter Justin Wingerter tweeted out a new poll Thursday showing Bush leading Boebert by one point.

What Wingerter once again failed to disclose, this new poll is from Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC.

It’s nothing new for reporters to breathlessly report any poll they can get their hands on, regardless of its partisan leanings and inaccuracies.

The Colorado media has also reported on polls showing John Hickenlooper leading U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner. The surveys were conducted by political consulting firms that used to work for Hickenlooper.

It’s all part of the Democrats’ strategy to make Republicans think Colorado is a deep blue state and in turn depress Republican turnout on election day.

One might think the media is more careful about reporting on biased polls after President Trump’s surprising  victory in 2016, but it doesn’t look like they’re learn from past mistakes.