Gov. Polis thinks he probably has the power to order furloughs for all state workers to make up for expected revenue shortfalls, so he’s going to go ahead and issue one of his famous executive orders and make it happen.

CBS 4 Denver got their hands on some memos that shows practically every top level state official knew the furloughs were coming.

None of those memos were addressed to elected officials in the state legislature. Not that it matters anymore. Polis has effectively taken over Colorado as our benevolent dictator.

Just to prove there are no hard feelings to the 30,000 workers who face two to five furlough days through June of 2021, our millionaire governor has added his own name to the list of unnecessary workers who will also loose a few days of pay. 

From the Denver Post:

Colorado governor will require furloughs for state workers – including himself

Most employees making over $50,000 a year will take up to four days this fiscal year

Thank you for your $300 sacrifice, governor! It will mean so much to absolutely no one!

Not every employee will be furloughed. There are exemptions for those whose jobs are necessary to respond to the never-ending COVID-19 crisis, or if they work in public safety or other essential services as yet to be specified.

Internal state documents show administrators believe Polis has the authority to issue an Executive Order for the mandatory furloughs due to the revenue shortfall.

One document obtained by CBS4 notes that the departments of Education, Law, State and Treasury are exempted from the furloughs.

The first furlough day is expected the day after Thanksgiving, which comes as a surprise to many the state government was even open after the holiday.

How much revenue does the state need to make up for, and how much will the furloughs save? 

It doesn’t appear Polis has released that information yet.

We expect Republican state lawmakers are burning up their cell phones to get those and many other answers.

It will be interesting to see if Democrat leaders of the General Assembly were even aware this was happening.

The furlough plans were sent last week by the Department of Personnel and Administration to cabinet members, executive directors of state departments, deputy directors and human resource directors according to state emails obtained by CBS4.