One true thing you can say about John Hickenlooper — he doesn’t stand for anything — at least not for long.

He’s not sure if he’s a socialist or capitalist, can’t be pinned down on fracking, and now the winds of his changing mind are blowing across the vast landscape of history and the Supreme Court.

It’s a daunting task for a man more accustomed to attracting voters with his mad skills of banjo playing and drinking beer at the same time.

We reported Tuesday on Hickenlooper’s conflicting and hypocritical stances when it comes to Senate precedent and confirming Supreme Court justices. 

And boy, he sure put us in our place.

Hickenlooper’s staff got the Denver Post on the phone and allowed the elusive Democrat candidate to speak with a reporter about Supreme Court issues, and guess what?

Hickenlooper’s not going to tell us where he stands.

Bless the Denver Post’s heart, it was even their headline:

Hickenlooper’s party is talking about expanding Supreme Court’s size, but he isn’t – yet

In the past he has said it would set a bad precedent, but he’s also left the door open

It’s like Hickenlooper is perpetually straddling the fissure of a never-ending earthquake and can never decide which way to jump.

The question now on the media’s mind: How will Hickenlooper retaliate if Republicans do their constitutional duty to confirm a Supreme Court pick who was nominated by a president within their own party?

Democrats are talking about increasing the size of the court so they can load it with more judges to affect future outcomes — also known as stacking and legislating from the bench.

Hickenlooper said last year during a debate he would consider packing the court with Democrat ideologues. But also opined in a media interview it would be a bad idea.

So where does he stand now? 

Hick says he will tell us after the election.

“I will be much more forthcoming once we get this thing past. I promise.”