Walking into the path of an oncoming vehicle to get hit and collect insurance is an old scam used by con artists to collect a quick payday.

It looks like there’s a disturbing resurgence of the same scam, except now it involves mobs of mad liberals hoping to collect public sympathy, create victims of themselves, and turn unsuspecting drivers into villains.

The media are reporting another protester was “hit” by a car Wednesday night, just hours after officials said no charges will be brought against the I-225 Jeep driver who happened upon hundreds of protestors in the middle of the freaking interstate.

Leftists were furious the Jeep driver won’t be charged. The Denver Post had practically ordered charges be brought against the Jeep driver instead of the man who fired a gun at him for driving on an interstate. Or the truck driver who rammed his vehicle into the Jeep. Or the protestors who attacked the Jeep with bats.

Amazing coincidence.

Video shows a mob surrounding the vehicle involved in the new incident late Wednesday.

Some protesters encircled the car, hitting it and telling the driver turn around, while others in the crowd demanded the protesters stand down. The driver then accelerated, hitting at least one person.

We’re supposed to believe it’s Trump’s fault all those protestors have to attack drivers at night and bang on their vehicles threatening harm?

And if a terrified driver tries to get out of the situation by driving away, moving forward until the crowd disperses, protestors are victims.

Of course drivers are scared when people flood the road attacking their vehicle in the middle of the night.  Their fight or flight instincts takes hold.

Drivers have been pulled out of their vehicles by angry protestors and beaten in this country. Protestors are pointing guns at drivers, shootings have occurred in Colorado and Texas.

Colorado Springs protestors block residential road with weapons.

Video litters the Twitterscape of protestors surrounding vehicles in traffic purposefully blocking the way, daring them to inch forward, daring them to push them out of the way.

So what are drivers in Colorado supposed to do, Gov. Polis? Mayor Hancock?

Do we just sit there and take the abuse waiting to be beaten or shot? Turn around and drive into oncoming traffic and take our chances?

Should we call the police for help and wait until they fight their way through the angry mob to save us like this media bus in Los Angeles?

This is what the angry mob looks like from the inside.

If protestors continue to attack vehicles with the excuse they were only trying to stop the car from hitting protestors farther down the street protesting in the middle of the road, at what point will the protestors be charged for breaking the law?

Get. Out. Of. The. Road.